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  • Brother of Aussie soccer star Garang Kuol taunts after skipping bail

    The brother of rising Australian soccer sensation Garang Kuol continues to taunt police months after skipping bail on fraud charges.  Kuol Mawien Kuol has appeared on social media with his other famous brother Alou Kuol during a fancy party aboard a yacht on ‘s Darling Harbour. Kuol remains at large after failing to show in court on […]

  • Visitor logs show Silicon Valley execs regularly visit White House

    Big Tech executives have held a close-knit relationship with the White House, visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with such regularity that could explain President Biden’s lackluster push for anti-trust legislation, insiders say.  An analysis of White House visitor logs found that between July 2021 and September 2022, Big Tech’s most senior executives visited at least 38 […]

  • Owners of

    Owners of ‘s Yeezy shoes appeared to be considering their options after online searches for the sneakers soared just a day after Adidas announced it was cutting ties with the rapper. In the wake of the German athletic brand’s decision to due to West’s repeated anti-Semitic remarks, searches for the terms ‘sell Yeezy’ skyrocketed by […]