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2 months agoI am a super football fan and a football fan of the Argentine national team. I have liked it from the time of Maradona to the era of Messi. I love Messi very much. I often buy a lot of Argentine jerseys for collection. This is also a hobby of mine. I also work part-time as a jersey distributor to earn some pocket money.

I often have friends shopping with me on my social media. Now that the World Cup is coming, I have also purchased a large number of football jerseys for distribution and made some money. Today I will share my part-time and earning experience. I am on this website Purchased from, the customer service of this station is very good, their jerseys are of very good quality, absolutely aaa quality, almost exactly the same as the genuine store, they can serve on behalf of the jersey, and can send to the whole country World, friends who want to do part-time jobs, you can also find this site, they have updated the pictures, Bosnia and Herzegovina Soccer jersey (information from you can update them at the same time. Here are the reviews from my friends

I don’t understand the bad reviews because for me this was a really good purchase.

It’s not a heavyweight sweatshirt but it also isn’t lightweight. It’s comfy,

fits just right and the quality is just what you’d expect for the price.

I had been searching for a good staple black cheap soccer jersey for a while,

however most soccer jerseys cost upwards of $80, which I thought was outrageous to spend on a trendy piece of clothing that might not be fashionable next year (as it happens with most fast fashion items).

I decided instead to buy this affordable soccer jerseys for myself.

It came out great! For reference, I am 5’3 and 157lbs.

I purchased a size large because I wanted the oversized look. I really like how it came out!

Now, don’t expect the finest quality fabric at $17 (although for what it is, the jersey is very nice).

It almost same as original, but the inside is a very soft material.

Nevertheless, the black fabric doesn’t look cheap or anything.

I’m thinking of maybe tie-dyeing it with bleach,

i will buy jersey again from this website:

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