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Monthly Donations Kwi Awt Stelmexw

Become a Partner

Our monthly donors become a part of the community supporting this work

What Am I Supporting

A monthly donation becomes

the best way to support us

Making a monthly donation is one of the most strategic ways that you can contribute to our work. Most of our projects rely on grants that do not provide long-term stability for our organization. Regular monthly contributions are the best way to ensure that Kwi Awt Stelmexw can maintain and grow our programs to support Squamish culture and education for all.

The following programs currently rely on grant money and are in need of stable funding to ensure that they can continue into 2018 and beyond:

Language Planning Project: Working with the Squamish Nation community to develop and implement a strategic plan for the Squamish Language.

Language in the Homes: Bringing the Squamish Language into the lives of Squamish families.

Little Skwxwú7mesh Books: Creating language learning resources for all those who want to learn.

Place Names Curriculum: Educating students about Squamish territory spaces and places.

Language Arts Residency: Sponsoring artists to participate in the Skwxwú7mesh immersion program.

And more! With your help, we can expand these programs and create new ones to help realize the cultural and linguistic dreams of our Squamish Peoples.