Education Initiatives

Adult Immersion Program

The Skwxwú7mesh immersion program called Temstl’í7 ta Sníchim began in September 2016 in partnership with Simon Fraser University. 15 students of Squamish ancestry are participating in the two semester program, completing nine courses in a 100% Squamish Language immersion setting. This program, based on similar adult immersion programs found internationally and in Canada, will ensure students become proficient in the fundamentals of Squamish Language conversation, presentation, and interpretation.

Applications are now open for the 2017-18 Squamish Immersion Program! Find out more here.

Language Planning Project

Since 2015, Kwi Awt Stelmexw has been coordinating a community-wide planning process for the revitalization and maintenance of Skwxwú7mesh Sníchim. This program is made possible with the support of the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, as part of the Language Revitalization Planning Program. With this support, Kwi Awt Stelmexw has hosted a number of events to bring members of the Squamish Nation to work on a strategic action plan for Skwxwú7mesh Sníchim, such as the Visioning Café for the Squamish Language. Learn more information about the Language Planning Project and upcoming community events here.

Language in the Homes

In 2016, Kwi Awt Stelmexw launched the Language in the Homes project to support Squamish families who wish to bring more Skwxwú7mesh Sníchim into their lives. Families who sign up for the Language in the Homes project are visited by one of our Outreach Workers who help the family develop individual and family language plans, provide language learning materials to be used at home, and ongoing support for learning Skwxwú7mesh Sníchim together as a family. Families are also invited to participate in events hosted by Kwi Awt Stelmexw to bring language learners together and collaborate on a community language strategy. The Language in the Homes project is open to all families with Squamish ancestry. Find out more here.

Little Skwxwú7mesh Books

To support the families participating in the Language in the Homes project, Kwi Awt Stelmexw is currently developing materials for learning Skwxwú7mesh Sníchim in the home. Little Skwxwú7mesh Books is a series of booklets specifically designed with families in mind. The vocabulary and phrases in the books focus on basic language skills that are typically used within the home or within family settings when out and about. Audio resources will accompany each book to assist families with learning the pronunciation. These resources will also be made available to the public to increase knowledge, appreciation, and support for Skwxwú7mesh Sníchim in the Squamish Nation community and beyond. Learn more here.

Place Name Curriculum Project

Place Name recognition is an entry-point to repatriation and restitution. Kwi Awt Stelmexw supports learning and official recognition of Sḵwx̱wú7mesh place names within Sḵwx̱wú7mesh territory. In 2015, Kwi Awt Stelmexw launched two place name reclamation projects: The updated Khatsalano Place Names Map, available for purchase here, and the Digital Heritage Map at The web map features clickable information about place names where Sḵwx̱wú7mesh language speakers knew them. In 2016, Kwi Awt Stelmexw begun development of learning resources for teachers to use alongside the place names maps. We are actively recruiting support from teachers in Metro Vancouver interested in helping to develop or test these curriculum materials. Learn more about these projects here.