25 Year Language Action Plan

Envision A Future

For 2015-2016, Kwi Awt Stelmexw received funding from the First Peoples’ Cultural Council and the Squamish Nation Trust to lead the development of a Squamish Language Action Plan. The proposed plan will cover key focus areas to enact language revitalization strategies within the Squamish Nation. Leading the development of this action plan is a Squamish Language Task Force made up of former and current language instructors, current students, and appointed Council members of the Squamish Nation Council. The proposed action plan to be approved by the Squamish Nation Council and the Squamish Nation membership, and will be a guiding document for all future planning across language stakeholders.

In the 2016 year, Kwi Awt Stelmexw will be launching a Squamish Needs & Perceptions Survey, doing one-on-one interviews with language stakeholders, and hosting a two-day action summit to create a 25-year vision statement for the Squamish Language.