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Personal Loans in comparison to. Car Loans What’s the Difference?

How they work as well as the pros and pros and

By Christina Majaski

Updated May 02, 2022

Review by Thomas Brock

Personal Loans vs. Car Loans: A Comprehensive Analysis

If you’re looking for a significant purchase, such as a car, you may require a loan to cover the expense. Personal loans as well as car loans represent two commonly used choices for financing. If you satisfy their conditions for borrowing, they can be fairly easy to get.

What’s the difference between the two? A personal loan could be utilized for a variety of motives, such as purchasing a car, whereas the car loan (as it’s name implies) is strictly to purchase a vehicle. Each loan type bears its own pros and cons; it’s important to weigh and compare them prior to signing on the”dotted line.

Important Takeaways

A personal loan is a great option for many different purposes, whereas an automobile loan is solely for the purpose of buying the vehicle.

A personal loan can be secured by something that is valuable, or, typically, unsecured.

A car loan is secured against the vehicle you are planning to purchase, which means that the car is used as collateral to the loan.

In any case, having good credit usually means it’s easier to get approved and receive more favorable loan conditions.

Personal Loans vs. Car Loans

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Personal Credit

A personal loan provides the borrower with money from a lending institution (generally one that is a banking institution) in a lump sum that the borrower may make use of at any time, such as for the occasion of a wedding, vacation or even home improvement.

A personal loan can be secured against something of value, such as a vehicle or home which allows the lender to take possession of your property to pay back the losses in case you fail to repay the loan. However, the majority of individuals opt for an unsecure loan meaning that the loan is not secured by collateral.

Two major elements that influence the amount you pay for the loan is the interest rate and loan time. An individual loan calculator is a useful tool for determining what these elements will impact what you’ll pay for each month.

Rates of Interest

In general the majority of generally, unsecured loans are more expensive in terms of interest than comparable secured loans with collateral. Personal loans have more strict acceptance requirements, meaning you’ll require good credit standing by your side. If yours is in poor condition the personal loan might not be an option.

Your credit score will influence equally the loan amount and rates of interest, and may be variable or fixed. The better the credit scores, the greater your borrowing capacity, and the lower the interest rate. The lower your credit score is, the less your borrowing capacity and the higher the rate.1


No restrictions on how money is spent

Flexibility in payment structure (short versus long term)


The interest rates are likely to be on the higher side

More stringent lending requirements

Consumers with low credit scores won’t qualify

The Terms

Personal loans come with a predetermined term for repayment. It is specified in terms of months: 12 months 24 36, 36 etc. The longer loan terms can lower your monthly repayment, but you’ll be paying more interest over the duration of the loan. In contrast, shorter loan terms result in greater monthly payments, however you will pay less interest overall because you’re paying back the principal sooner.

Most lenders take online application for personal loans and it’s not uncommon to be approved for an auto loan on the spot at the car dealership.

Car Loan

Car loan is secured by the vehicle you are planning to purchase, which means that the car is used as collateral for the loan. If you default on your payments the lender has the right to take possession of the vehicle. This loan is paid back in installments fixed throughout the duration of the loan. Like a mortgage the lender is still in control of the property until you make an end-of-year payment.

To determine which rates of interest and loan term would best suit your requirements prior to heading to the dealership, consider using the auto loan calculator before you make your purchase.

Interest Rates

Because the lender is in control of financial decisions over the car–it’s a secured loan–the loan is considered to be as less risky and, in turn, results in lower interest rates for the borrower. Interest rates are also fixed, meaning that they aren’t subject to the escalating rates that could be a part of unsecured personal loans.


Usually a lower interest rate

Easier to obtain with mediocre credit score

Sometimes, it is a great “on the spot” finance solution


There is no title to the vehicle until final repayment has been made

An upfront deposit is generally required to ensure the loan

The Terms

The majority of auto loans are set at 36, 48 or 60 months. Similar to a personal loan the shorter the loan term the greater the monthly installment and the reverse is true. A less-than-average credit history won’t necessarily stand between you and the car loan (unlike a private loan). This will also have a lesser impact on your rate of interest or the amount you borrow as determined by the price of the car.2

There are many ways to qualify for auto loans. Before you sign for an auto dealer loan it could be worthwhile looking into whether the local credit union or bank could offer a better deal.3

Special Beacons

No matter if you opt for a individual loan and a auto loan rates and offers differ among institutions. Do your research and look around for the most competitive rate. Explore banks, credit unions and other lending platforms to find the most effective combination of interest rates and loan lengths that will allow you to afford a monthly installment.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to purchasing a brand new car, a lot of people will prefer an auto loan since it’s fast and convenient. However, in certain situations it’s more effective to obtain a personal loan instead. In order to make an educated decision first, you must ask yourself these questions:

Have I collateral which to be able to secure the loan?

What interest rate (and the associated payments) can I genuinely be able to

Is my credit in good enough shape?

The decision between them all comes down to considering the pros and cons in light of your individual situation.


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