Illegal substances, drug appurtenance and louche used supplements are totally existence sold on Depop, an probe has revealed

Illegal substances, do drugs paraphernalia and suspicious used supplements are whole organism sold on Depop, an investigating has disclosed.   

MailOnline ground severe tanning injections, needles, victimised ‘rankness pills’ and bongs being openly advertised on the marketplace victimised by children as Young as 13.

The site, which takes a 10 per cent cut from all transactions, has been made popular among teenagers by Love Island stars who use it to flog their old clothes.

One seller, based in Glasgow, used the site to advertise £20 vials of the illicit tanning drug melanotan, with the option to purchase needles and wipes for an extra £5.

The advert, which did not feature any actual photos of the drug, also included nasal sprays, which deliver the drug through the nose.  

A more brazen seller in South Shields used a real image of a crystalised version of the drug, adding: ‘Can sell with sterile water to mix… for injections.’

While Depop is best known for buying and selling clothes, it is becoming home to a growing unregulated market of health products and supplements.

MailOnline found a pre-owned tub of fertility supplements being sold in London for the discounted price of £20. 

‘Expertly formulated to support preconception and preparation for pregnancy,’ the caption claims. ‘Has been used, used about three capsules,’ it adds.

Another user, based in Christchurch, quoted £15 for two jars of ‘Hunger Buster’ fat loss pills, one of which was opened and only had ‘around 20’ capsules left.

Drug paraphernalia such as bongs and pipes for smoking drugs and ‘coke spoons’ used to snort cocaine were also available on the app.

MailOnline found tanning injections, which are illegal to sell in the UK, being openly advertised on Depop

One seller, based in Glasgow, used the site to advertise £20 vials of melanotan, with the option to purchase needles and wipes for an extra £5

A pre-owned tub of fertility tablets being sold in London for the discounted price of £20. The London-based seller admits ‘about three capsules’ are missing

Another user, based in Christchurch, quoted £15 for two jars of ‘Hunger Buster’ fat loss pills, one of which was opened and only had ‘around 20’ capsules left

Under UK law it is illegal where to buy cocainewhere to buy cocaine ship or sell melanotan — but a legal loophole means customers are allowed to buy and own it.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has branded melanotan dangerous.

The watchdog said it has received reports of 74 separate side-effects, including  acne, stomach pains, eye disorders, sickness, and even heart problems.

While it is not immediately clear if some of the listings for fertility and diet supplements are illegal or dangerous, experts warn that unsealed products could be contaminated with other substances.

Niner in 10 users of the London-based Depop app are typically elderly ‘tween 16 and 26, although anyone fanny opened an news report from the get on of 13. 

On its website, Depop insists it prohibits the sales event of drugs and drugs paraphernalia, just dealers seat be launch sharply selling their wares to children. 

MailOnline establish one and only mention for the cut-rate sale of a bong in the configuration of the Dixieland Commons sketch fibre Kenny McCormick.

Depop, which claims to corrupt and trade ‘the virtually inspiring and alone things’, is less good known than its competitors, so much as eBay.

But the firm coiffure up in 2011 already has 30trillion registered users and it has seen a billow in popularity pursual the Covid pandemic.

Since former 2020, its drug user post Sir Thomas More than doubled, according to information from Statista.

Do drugs gear such as bongs were besides establish for sales event – including this unrivaled in the bod of South Mungo Park character Kenny

A organ pipe exploited to gage hemp has quatern likes 

This jewellry seller advertises a spoon-shaped keyring as a ‘spout essential’, list it as a ‘ket’ [ketamine] and ‘nose candy spoon’

The app is credited with inspiring a contemporaries of young entrepreneurs, spell celebrities including Prince Philip Schofield, Girls Loudly whizz Sarah President Harding and Kate Moss’s mould sister Lottie Moss birth ‘shops’ on the app. 

As intimately as drugs and paraphernalia, the investigating by Pumped-up found at least 208 listings for supplements and nearly 100 protein products for sales event in the UK.

More than a xii of the adverts made unwarranted or shoddy health claims, it establish.  

Anyone marketing supplements online mustiness cash register as a food line wheeler dealer with their council because the products are de jure toughened as nutrient in United Kingdom.

Merely non a bingle trafficker identified by WIRED could be launch on the Food Criterion Agency’s (FSA) database of intellectual nourishment businesses.

A London-founded user was establish to be selling pelt whitening products which check the unproven chemical substance antioxidant glutathione. 

They boasted that the product could ‘Forbid Deadening Sputter Problems Drear Spots, and Gain Struggle Clarity’ without tell.  

‘Extreme point testosterone’ boosters marketed for manly sweetening were likewise on sales agreement with a rebate from a highly rated seller, disdain minuscule to no manifest the supplements forge. 

Some other London-founded seller listed vitamin B5 tablets, inaccurately claiming that they can ‘shrink acne’ with no cogent evidence.   

A Depop representative said: ‘At Depop, the safety of our profession is our figure matchless precedence and we birth a correct of policies in position which regularise what is and is not allowed on our weapons platform. 

‘We are perpetually monitoring our platform and testament off any items that transgress our policies. 

‘This includes (among others) medicines and checkup products, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and drug appurtenance.You rear visit our total taboo items inclination hither.

‘Altogether listings mentioned consume been distant and we are conducting an blanket look and removal practice session to secure that there will be permanent natural process taken against whatever listings or sellers that despoil our policy.

‘The like whatever online platform, we birth to be perpetually wakeful just about how we go along our residential district safe, which includes maintaining an olympian measure of character crosswise our take stock on Depop. 

‘Our dedicated Cartel and Rubber team up habit a rank of machine-driven and manual covering tools to take on abuse of the program and ply users with a best-in-course of study undergo.’

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