Greetings in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh

Hello, are you doing good? –  Nú, chexw men wa ha7lh? (Respectful greeting.)


Hello. –  Nú. (To close friends)


I have arrived. – I chen tl’iḵ. (Used as a greeting)


You have arrived.I chexw tl’iḵ. (Used as a response) 


Everyone\all of you. – Tanúyap.  (Very formal. Used when addressing a crowd/to start a speech. e.g.. Tanúyap, welcome to the traditional territory of the Squamish people…)


Take care. –  Wa chexw yuu.


Goodbye.Huy̓ melh halh.


Have a good one.Ayás chexw.  (Another way to say bye)


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