S7ílhen Sníchim – Food Terms in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh

S7ílhen Sníchim – Food Terms in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh

Do you want to go eat?A stl’í7 ú kwis nam̓ í7lhen?


I want to go eat.En stl’í7 kwins nam̓ í7lhen.


Are you thirsty?Nú chexw tisḵwú7ḵwu?


Are you hungry?Nú chexw kw’ákw’ay̓?


I am thirsty.Chenkw tisḵwú7ḵwu.


I am hungry.Chenkw kw’ákw’ay̓.


Eat. –  ílhen


Drink. –  Taḵw






Home made BreadSp’áyaḵim̓


Fish/Salmon Sts’úḵwi7


Berries Sḵw’elám


Duck/Any edible bird that is eatenX̱wíliḵw










I wish to eat duck/birdEn stl’i7 kwins ílhen ta x̱wíliḵw.


I wish to drink coffeeEn stl’i7 kwins taḵw ta kapí.

(Replace “X̱wíliḵw with any other food and “Kapí with any other drink and the same sentences will work.)


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