Place Name Website Launched

Place Name Website Launched


Kwi Awt Stelmexw proudly launched the on December 21st, 2016. is a digital Squamish language names for places around Vancouver and beyond.

Place Name Recognition

Untitled-2 curator Khelsilem talked about his reason for wanting to make this map saying,

Place name recognition is an entry point to reconciliation and repatriation. There’s the type of repatriation that can happen between the governments of nations and there’s the repatriation that ordinary citizens of communities can participate in. We invite all to learn the names of areas in their neighborhood the way we learn the names of Vancouver neighborhoods like “Gastown”, “West End”, “Point Grey”.


  • Places named by Squamish language speakers in the Squamish language, sometimes Squamish-ifying the names from neighboring languages.
  • No boundaries/territorial lines. The map is for educational purposes and not a statement of claim or title.
  • The Squamish language name, an interpretation (not translation) of that name by various language speakers when possible.
  • Audio pronunciation of the names to be released in next major update.
An example from for the Vancouver area.


Visit to see it all!

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