Tell Justin Trudeau it’s time for

an Indigenous Language Act

“Indigenous languages are vital to preventing suicides in Indigenous communities.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, June 2016

Urgent action is needed to protect Indigenous Languages.

Justin Trudeau has made commitments to Indigenous peoples in Canada. He promised to implement the 13th & 14th Calls to Action on Reconciliation. But he needs to hear from Indigenous peoples and Canadians that this is a priority. If enough people take action now, Justin Trudeau will be forced to address this.

So join us and sign this petition.

There are sixty Indigenous languages in Canada. In 2016, Indigenous languages received $5 million dollars of support from the federal government, while the French language was given 1.2 billion dollars. That’s a difference of 24,000%. Metis artist Christi Belcourt states, “We can’t bake sale our way to language revitalization”.

Indigenous languages are making a comeback in places across the country. But government policy is keeping the languages from becoming strong like they were before Residential Schools. The number of language learners in Indigenous communities is growing. But they need more protections and resources from the federal government.

Indigenous language rights advocates from across Canada created this petition.

Canada needs thriving Indigenous languages. This is what reconciliation would look like.

Do you believe Canada should do more to protect Indigenous languages?  Enshrining Indigenous Languages into law will ensure consistent, reliable funding needed for Indigenous language to thrive.

Sign this petition. Tell the federal government thriving Indigenous languages can make Canada better.

Sign this petition to make Indigenous language loss history.

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