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The Squamish Language is having a comeback. Each year more and more Squamish People are choosing their language and saying “I am my language and my language is me!”. You can support these language reclamation efforts with your special purchase of this very special totebag.

The cloth tote bag reads “Na tá7stem tíwa lesák kwis shíshichnexwas i7xw ta xwelxwelítn ḵ’as wa welkw’álswit: “Shan̓ melh wa na7 ta skw’shim̓, t’akw’usách?”

In the Squamish Language, one of the two original Indigenous languages of Vancouver, it says “This bag was made to confuse all the Settlers so they would ask the question: ‘Why is there a seven?’”.

Enjoy! ??

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