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In the United States, one of the basic rights afforded to all children is a free education offered by the public school system. As the director of the Hayden Planetarium at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History, Neil deGrasse Tyson can be found encouraging children to explore the world around them. We’ve assembled the 10 most common questions that every American asks about taxes, including, Why do we even pay taxes in the first place? This is a fair question, and it’s one that every American citizen should be able to answer. The downside to the adaptive test is that it forces the test taker to answer all questions, so skipping a question or planning to return to a question is not an option. The Basics About the Cholesterol Test A blood test is the only way to tell whether you have high cholesterol. MIT accepted her, sound blog but only as a test case to see if women could handle the rigor of a science program. Check to see if there’s a stable in your area that’s equipped for therapeutic riding. We’re sure the IRS – or the FBI – will get right back to you. How Can I Get a Bigger Tax Refund?

When you file for the extension, you are asked to pay an estimation of your outstanding tax bill. If the IRS decided to publish a book of frequently asked questions, it would rival the 4 million words of the U.S. Huge charitable contributions – If you claim tens of thousands of dollars in charitable contributions but only make a modest income, the IRS will get curious. If you lower it far enough, Uncle Sam will owe you some of the money that was withheld during the year. If you work for someone else – let’s call it “the man” – then taxes are withheld from each of your paychecks. How Come Some Rich People Pay Less Taxes Than Regular Folks? 5: Will I Pay Less if My Spouse and I File Jointly, or Separately? Will I Pay Less if My Spouse and I File Jointly, or Separately? If you make a modest income and try your best to file an honest reckoning of your income and expenses, there is very little chance that you will attract the attention of an IRS auditor. Based on those calculations, the IRS will start applying failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties for each month you are late.

The IRS charges two different kinds of late fees: failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties. IRS computers are programmed to look for “red flags” of tax fraud. An extension gives you six more months to prepare and file your tax return, but it does not excuse you from paying your taxes on time. 10: Why Do We Pay Taxes? And what happens if we don’t pay them? 8: What Happens if I Don’t File by April 15? What Happens if I Don’t File by April 15? After mailing a series of increasingly sternly worded letters, the IRS will file a substitute for return, its own approximation of what you owe. But if you receive a regular paycheck from an employer, have a mortgage and keep your savings in a bank rather than in garbage bags buried in the backyard, then the IRS will likely catch up with you and the penalties will be stiff. Keep in mind, though, that you could probably do smarter things with that money than lend it to the IRS.

Keep track of deductible items like mortgage interest, charitable contributions, unreimbursed job expenses, expenses related to a home business, and student loan interest. It won’t return with any interest. When you file your tax return in April, you have a chance to claim deductions and credits that lower your total taxable income. The trouble starts when IRS computers notice that there are wages, loans and bank accounts associated with your Social Security number but no tax return. What Are “Tax Brackets”? Genetic makeup plays a role in how happy we are. What’s interesting is when the origin stories are just as exciting as the sayings themselves. Here are some examples of what your federal and state income taxes help to provide. If you miss the April 15 due date (established by the IRS for filing and paying any taxes due to the federal government), the world isn’t going to end, but you might be charged some late fees. If you don’t cover at least 90 percent of your taxes due by April 15, the failure-to-pay penalty still applies. Do I Have to File Income Taxes Even if I Didn’t Make Much Money?

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