Beta Sitosterol Prostate Supplements – How they Prevent you from Turning Into a Girl

If you are spending beta sitosterol prostate supplements you could not merely be helping reduce your prostate – however, you could also be preventing the additional prostate pills of yours from turning you into a girl!

Here’s why:

Lots of prostate formulas are starting to include ingredients and components which help with DHT.

By that I mean, they help contend with extra amounts of the substance which is able to make your prostate grow and enlarge and eventually press up against your urethra, preventing you from urinating (or, making it really hard to do so).

And so including ingredients that block the rise of DHT is good, right?

Yes… and no.

Indeed, in the sense that they stop DHT from supplying you with an enlarged prostate.

But no in the sense that, if your body’s production of DHT is prostadine a scam blocked, what might come about is it does a “work around” to create another substance instead. A substance that just so happens to be a powerful form of estrogen.

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