Improving Sex Drive – Why Testosterone Might not be the Answer

In the continuing hunt for answers to reverse loss of erectile function , as well as decreased sex drive as well as other unwelcome factors of aging, low levels of testosterone have frequently been blamed. This idea appears to be logical on the area, since testosterone has become identified as the hormone responsible for male’s libido. As a consequence, medical procedures and different products have actually been developed to react to the perceived need to increase male’s quantities of male hormone.

Nevertheless, research into the effects of lower testosterone levels do not always support the common belief that low levels of testosterone are at the root of these problems. Understanding the role of testosterone in sexual function and setting up a practical self care regimen, in addition to taking the best measures to have a normal penis, might help men to enjoy a satisfying sex everyday living in all age.

Investigation on testosterone as well as sex drive

Research on testosterone and sex drive

The male hormone testosterone, which is produced mainly in the testes, is liable for stimulating the generation of semen, sustaining the reproductive tissue, and supporting a proper sex drive. It’s also crucial in maintaining energy levels in the body and for supporting bone and muscle mass.

Due to the importance of its in male sex drive, it is frequently believed that minimizing testosterone levels associated with aging are in big part responsible for decreased libido. However, it may come as a surprise to many that men with as few as fifteen % of the standard testosterone levels encounter no substantial change in either their sex drive or the energy of theirs. On the contrary, males whose testosterone level is at 150 % of normal experience no corresponding increase in regardless of being energy or libido.

So what is the true answer to diminished libido?

So what is the true answer to reduced libido?

If testosterone levels have just a minimal effect on sex drive, then what really brings about this issue? Sadly, there aren’t concrete answers; but research has shown that stress levels, psychological issues for example anxiety, nerve health, cardiovascular health, and testoprime ingredients ( writes) lifestyle all impact both sexual performance and desire.


Useful strategies for a responsive penis

Practical tips for a responsive penis

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